Raising the bar in User Experience







The Background

ProLøn has been in the salary business for the last 30 years, making them one of Denmark’s oldest and most experienced payroll companies. ProLøn’s renowned customer service has helped differentiate them from their competitors, while their wide range of custom and standard solutions keep them in the game.

The Need

The very nature of ProLøn’s business requires precision and accuracy in the data involved, but with an outdated data entry system in place, there was a great need for a cohesive and user-friendly IT framework.

So Finn Conradsen, ProLøn CEO, and his team decided it was time to invest in a more advanced and user-friendly system, to help clients become more efficient in their processes, reduce the risk of errors and have data flow seamlessly and automatically between the different functions.

To achieve such an ambitious goal, it was extremely important for ProLøn not only to create a more user-friendly system but to also build new API’s, enabling seamless and deep integrations with other IT systems in the salary eco-system (e.g. time registration systems).

“Trifork is among the leaders in designing user-friendly solutions and for focusing on the user experience. They did not disappoint and I was very happy with the process.”

Finn Conradsen

CEO, ProLøn

The Approach

User insights were at the core of the process, to ensure that the new solution would integrate intuitively into the user’s daily workflow. Trifork first conducted a pre-project analysis based on interviews with ProLøn’s customers and employees to understand their ways of working with the system.  A key outcome was that the solution, in contrast to the old system, could support both the inexperienced and the very experienced salary worker.

After completing a successful Proof of Concept project, ProLøn and Trifork were ready to initiate the process for real change. It was a highly collaborative team effort, with Trifork’s designers at the helm of the screen designs and user interface. As work progressed, mock-ups were presented to selected customers and their feedback was included in the design process.

The agile approach used meant that the different teams involved could work together and evaluate each step of the process through fortnightly sprints.

The Result

ProLøn has successfully moved their new payroll solution into production. Customers on all professional levels met the modernisation of the user interface with positive response, after the launch of the first version of the solution in June 2017.

ProLøn decided to give potential customers access to a trial version of the new system on ProLøn’s website. This launched in October 2017 and has already been an immediate success with a 5% increase in conversion rate compared to the months prior.

The new solution, which was developed on top of the existing payroll “engine”, reinforces the strong relationship between ProLøn and its clients by offering a transparent, convenient and efficient user experience.

Vice President

Stig Efsen