Anthos: Your business in a multi-cloud world - simplified and efficient

Cloud technologies’ success in recent years has been driven by clear expectations from the business on scalability, cost-effectiveness, increased security and access to new services such as machine learning.

As each cloud technology comes with its benefits, many companies’ cloud landscape has evolved into a complex architecture with multiple clouds, data in private data centers and a variety of security technologies. Utilizing the best services from each cloud – and ensuring the lowest possible cost by choosing the best data storage solution and service at all times, adds complexity. This diversity has come with a greater operational overhead for retaining the necessary expertise in the organization.

Anthos is part of the answer to how efficiency and simplification are ensured in organizations operating in a multi-cloud reality.

Anthos should therefore be seen as the heart of the strategy in any organization where cloud technologies are critical to innovation and performance.

“Cloud architecture is a constant balance between a need for simplification and, on the other hand, the utilization of the innovative services that different cloud technologies can provide the organization. Anthos is a tool that basically supports a liquid cloud strategy – the best cloud service for any given use case”
Lasse Højgaard, Backend developer and cloud architect at Trifork

The webinar introduces Anthos in the light of companies’ innovation strategy and delves into application scenarios, opportunities and the level of cloud maturity your organization should have to take full advantage of Anthos.

We cover the following topics:

  • What is Anthos and the philosophy behind the service
  • Anthos in on-premise and multi-cloud scenarios
  • Which opportunities does Anthos offer and how do we make the most of it
  • Requirements for the organization when working multi – and hybrid-cloud
  • How do we get started

The webinar is targeting:

  • Leaders in Ops / Devops organizations
  • Digital business developers using cloud

Lasse Højgaard


Backend developer and cloud architect

Lasse is a backend developer and cloud architect, with a strong focus on Cloud Infrastructure and DevOps.

Having worked with customers in such different industries such as finance, manufacturing, retail and automotive Lasses most recent project has been in healthcare.

Cloud technologies has been a constant presence and he has earned a certification as a Google Cloud Architect.

Julie Bork Nellegaard


Design Thinking expert

Julie Bork Nellegaard is Design Thinking expert at Trifork, where she facilitates workshops with clients across different Trifork locations and markets. Julie has a broad experience with Design Thinking applied in digital innovation and business development. Her key role as facilitator is to ensure a user-centred approach end-to-end and to drive the process towards the best solution across business, IT and design.

Watch the webinar here