Boost the value of your FinTech data with Humio!

Do you register all events in your systems and applications? Well, just imagine that you can use the event-history to answer queries without delay! Queries regarding customer behavior, abnormal usage patterns, potential security breaches, and the list goes on…

Digital bank, Lunar, has become a Nordic challenger in the FinTech game and is using Humio to help answer these queries as they tackle financial crime. With a lot of data points coming through, using a modern log management solution is crucial in their quest to prevent the likes of money laundering and terrorist financing, while while safeguarding their customers and reputation.

Humio is that modern log management solution – and they’ve introduced a complete paradigm shift within logging: it is faster, cheaper and better. Humio enables companies to log, search and respond to everything – in real time. Humio have a significant number of FinTech use cases, from operational monitoring of business systems and end-user applications, to user behaviour tracking and financial crime prevention, to name a few.


For this Tech Update, we have partnered up with a group of experts who will give their perspectives and insights into how Humio can be used in FinTech:

  • Morten Gram, Chief Revenue Officer at Humio, will present a brief introduction of Humio and why it is a game changer
  • Cathrin Zimakoff, senior Anti-Money Laundering specialist at Lunar, will show us how Lunar uses Humio for financial crime prevention purposes
  • Rune Simonsen, Software Architect at Trifork, will introduce us to Young Money (a collaboration between Nykredit, Spar Nord & Trifork) and how it uses Humio for log gathering

Join us to stay informed and ahead of the curve!

Target Audience

This Tech Update is for everyone who is interested in FinTech and how modern log management can support your FinTech business.

Please note that the presentations will be in Danish.

Morten Gram

Humio, Chief Revenue Officer

Cathrin Zimakoff

Lunar, Senior Anti-Money Laundering Specialist

Rune Krag Simonsen

Trifork, Software Architect

Nursel Yildirim

Trifork, Moderator & Head of Digital Design


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