Empowering your people with enterprise mobility

As Apple and SAP increase their focus on mobilising enterprise users, we look at how to turn enterprise mobility into a value creating investment by placing SAP core processes in the hands of your employees.

A great example of this is Royal Greenland. Using Apple technology, they are transforming their business:
  • The visionary fishing company is empowering local fishermen through mobile devices
  • With seamless mobile access to SAP data and processes, they are able to register relevant data on the go – and thereby eliminating pen and paper processes completely.
  • Thanks to optimised processes throughout the enterprise, Royal Greenland is creating a true competitive advantage in the fishing industry through mobility.
Join us for tech run down and best practices within enterprise mobility as we welcome Nima Zandi, Apple Enterprise Denmark and Lars Bo Hassinggaard, Royal Greenland for a virtual Tech Update for Business hosted by Martin Holm Nielsen, founding partner at Invokers, a Trifork Company.This virtual Tech Update will cover:
  • How to turn IT-investments into strategic, value creating decisions by applying a user centric approach
  • Royal Greenland: Best Practice Enterprise Mobility
This event is aimed at:
  • CDO, CIO, CTO’s
  • Business developers and leaders
  • Strategic business advisors

Nima Zandi

Apple, Enterprise Lead, DK

Lars Bo Hassinggaard

Royal Greenland, CIO

Martin Holm Nielsen

Invokers, a Trifork Company, Moderater of the event, Partner and co-founder

Martin Holm Nielsen is a founding partner of Invokers, a Trifork Company, with branches in Denmark and Spain. Since 2006, Martin has been a dedicated advocate for bringing SAP processes into the hands of enterprise users though user-centric solutions – a stance that ensures high user adoption and great business cases.


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