Hybrid Cloud - get the best of both worlds without compromising security and operational efficiency

Operating complex applications is often a question of integrating existing infrastructure with the cloud. Very rarely do companies move their entire infrastructure to the cloud. This is partly due to data privacy and GDPR-related considerations, which make hybrid an attractive stepping stone towards full cloud maturity. So, for most applications, hybrid is on the table from the get go.

The topic is relevant for companies that might not yet be 100% ready to go into the cloud. At this Tech Update, we will present the opportunities your business can benefit from by choosing the cloud path, without compromising reliability and security. To exemplify this, we will dive into a case in the Danish healthcare industry.

Using a hybrid cloud solution on national project, FUT (Fælles Udbud og Udvikling af Telemedicin) – a telemedicinal platform, has made a tremendous impact on this highly regulated industry. The FUT platform utilizes a hybrid cloud architecture spanning both multiple on-prem data centers in Denmark, for security and privacy, as well as data centers in public cloud on AWS, for flexibility and scalability.

This joint virtual Tech Update between Netic and Trifork and will cover the following:

1. What considerations are important, when choosing the operations platform for any given application? What are the benefits and what should you be aware of?

2. How to secure a hybrid environment and align documentation across different infrastructure platforms

3. What does a Hybrid Cloud set-up mean and how to avoid becoming dependent on one cloud provider?

Join us as we tackle these questions and more.

This event is aimed at:

  • CDO, CIO, CTO’s and business leaders in regulated industries such as:
    • Finance
    • Insurance
    • Healthcare
  • Leaders in Ops / Devops organizations
  • Digital business developers using cloud

Claus Albøge


Senior Cloud and Containerization Architect

Claus is a seasoned veteran in the Danish IT-operations landscape with a background as Senior Operations Architect and Chief Operations Officer. Currently Claus is Senior Cloud and Containerization Architect at Netic.

Frederik Mogensen


Cloud Native Architect

Frederik designs and implements Cloud Native architecture and has been working on Cloud Native applications for both public and private cloud, on-premise environments and hybrid setups, for over five years.

Morten Olsson


Moderator & Head of Marketing

Morten has headed marketing departments in Danish IT-businesses in various sectors of the industry and his key role has always been facilitating learnings between the industry and its clients. Morten is an expert in communicating technical topics to a non-technical audience.