Real World Istio

In a public health care project requirements for security and data protection are very rigid – can Istio help us solve these requirements? And at what cost?

We will talk about using Istio for running a multi-tenant setup, allowing the different tenants to talk to the core services on the platform, but not disrupting each other.

Enforcing security between services using the service mesh, by demanding JWT tokens on all requests, adding mutual encryption, locking down egress traffic, disallowing inter-namespace traffic, etc.

We’ll share our experiences running Istio, war stories, bugs found, and failures.

The webinar is targeting 

  • Leaders in Ops / Devops organizations
  • Developers and architects
  • Digital business developers using cloud


Lasse Højgaard


Backend developer and cloud architect

Lasse is a backend developer and cloud architect, with a strong focus on Cloud Infrastructure and DevOps.

Having worked with customers in such different industries such as finance, manufacturing, retail and automotive Lasses most recent project has been in healthcare.

Cloud technologies has been a constant presence and he has earned a certification as a Google Cloud Architect.

Christian Stahl

Google Cloud

Partner Manager for Google Cloud

Christian Stahl is Partner Manager for Google Cloud and is responsible for ecosystem development and channel performance in the Nordic countries.

Christian has a long background in IT and has previously worked for companies like HP and Microsoft as well as being Associated Professor at the IT University of Denmark. His focus has always been centered around emerging technologies and the ecosystem surrounding them.

Christian typically speaks at more than 10 industry events yearly usually around the topic of future of cloud and adoption in the ecosystem.

Watch the webinar here