More time for customer service and care

Learn from Nykredit and Danica Pension

We are all used to a variety of self-service booking solutions – in app or on web. Booking our next meal for pick-up, an appointment at your hairdresser, or searching for the right flight and carrier to Rome.

In some industries, customers are asked to call customer service before they can get in touch with an advisor. Examples of this are in the financial and life insurance industries.

In this Tech Update, we dive into how you can improve your customer journey by giving your customers more control and access to self-service booking of experts or advisors, allowing them to more easily get the expertise and guidance they need when it fits their schedule, just like we are used to doing with other types of self-service booking.

We highlight concrete examples of how this optimizes your expert’s time and reduces their time spent on administration work, allowing for a more efficient and structured process around customer service and care, including more time on customer-facing meetings.

You will learn from two concrete use cases: one in Fintech with Nykredit and their booking platform, allowing their customers to book financial advisors on an online platform directly integrated with Nykredit’s CRM system.

The other within Healthcare, in which Danica Pension and private hospitals in Denmark have a single platform for patient booking and communication between insurance companies and private hospitals. The platform handles payment requests between the two parties, a unified injury journal system and secure management of both personal data (GDPR), but also communication, and document handling.

We will take you through how these solutions came to be, what the rationale behind them was, and the business value it has given those involved.

By attending this event, you will get the following:

  • Insight into the impact of time optimization of your experts
  • How to design solutions that give customers more control and that also integrate with your existing legacy systems
  • Two concrete use cases of how Danica Pension and Nykredit have optimized their booking and communications flow, resulting in significantly improved customer journeys as well as giving their advisors more time for customer service and care

Who is this relevant for?

This event is relevant for B2C or B2B advisory-based companies who want to free up administration time for their experts and advisors. Companies like financial institutions, medical institutions (both public and private), realtors, companies within accounting, construction or engineering, insurance companies and other advisory-based industries will benefit from this event.


Peter Rørsgaard

Sundhedspartneren, CEO

Torsten Terp

&Money, CEO

Mathias Holm Lyster

Nykredit, Senior Business Specialist

Thomas Sandby Skrostrup

Danica Pension, SVP


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