How to effectively assure the highest quality of your digital solutions

Increasing complexity, ever-changing development methods and a lack of resources with the right competences, are just some of the challenges that put pressure on an organization’s ability to effectively assure the quality of their digital solutions.

The consequences? Increasing development costs, bad publicity and user ratings or even worse, end-users who reject the solution.

To be able to avoid these at all costs, organizations should ask themselves:

  • How do we automate testing in an agile or DevOps environment, so we can become more effective?
  • How do we include end-users and ensure we receive their feedback, before and during development?
  • How do we measure and gain insight in quality in order to make the right decisions, before we launch?

Region Sjælland have asked themselves these questions and have turned some of the answers into strategic focus areas in their organization and IT-projects, to ensure they stay ahead of these challenges and avoid the aforementioned consequences in the future.

Join us for this Tech Update as we welcome Allan Tange, CEO at leading consulting company, TestHuset, who will give a run down of the key challenges and trends within testing and QA, as well as Karina Reimer Hansen, Head of Project Management at Region Sjælland, who will take us through how Region Sjælland strategically chose their focus areas and how they are going to implement the right solutions into their organization.

Target audience of the event:

This Tech Update is for everyone who is interested in testing and quality assurance of digital solutions, more specifically targeting IT, Development and Project Managers

Allan Tange

Testhuset, CEO

Allan is a founding partner and CEO of TestHuset A/S, a Trifork Company, with branches in Ballerup and Aarhus.

Since 2005, Allan and TestHuset have been working to ensure and improve the quality of digital solutions, by providing tests and quality assurance advisory and consultancy support for public and private companies.

Karina Reimer Hansen

Region Sjælland, Head of Project Management

Karina is responsible for a part of the Project Managers and the Test Managers at KIT, Region Sjælland.

Karina is an experienced Project Lead with a demonstrated history of working in the regional administration industry and is skilled in Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) and Pharmaceutics.

Nursel Yildirim

Trifork, Moderator and Head of Digital Design

For over 15 years, Nursel has been working with digital transformation and has delivered some of the most popular digital solutions on the Danish market. She has led projects and managed teams within Business Development & Strategy, Project Management, UX, UI, Design Thinking, Software Development, QA, and Operations.

Nursel has an economics background and is currently Head of Digital Design & Delivery at Trifork Smart Enterprise.