Smart customer service: new opportunities with machine learning

Customer service is the most important part of the customer journey in most companies – especially in times when uncertainty is creating a tremendous need for personal dialogue and with call volume skyrocketing.

However, customer service and support are also among the company’s costly operational activities. Increased intelligence and opportunity generation in service functions often equate to a rise in costs for both licenses, extensive training of existing employees and onboarding of new employees.

With new intelligent services, this is not a given!

Trifork invites you to a whole new webinar on customer service – optimized with machine learning. Machine learning can provide intelligence, increased cost effectiveness and new opportunities in your customer service – also in the very short run. Without the need to change or replace your current customer service platform and supporting technologies.

We share our experience from 4 years of machine learning practice in the service area.

We answer questions such as:

  • How can we cost-effectively ensure our service levels at extreme peak times?
  • How can we introduce broader service options such as upselling and cross-selling activities?
  • How can we achieve faster and more cost-effective onboarding of new employees?
  • How can we support our employees in providing even better service to our customers?
  • How can we scale increased automation across responsibilities, product areas and segments?
  • How can we take advantage of the new opportunities step-by-step – and how do we prioritize where we should be?

The webinar is targeting:

  • Customer service leaders, B2C / B2B
  • Sales executives
  • Customer engagement and customer journey leaders
  • Support and service center leaders

Allan Sørensen


Senior Project Manager

Allan Sørensen is Senior Project Manager at Trifork DOKK1 in Aarhus where he’s also the Commercial Lead of the Trifork ML / Cloud competency team. Allan has more than 25 years experience with Software Development, Digital Innovation and Digital Transformation in different industries. His primary task is to ensure that DOKK1 projects succeed on time and above customer expectations without any casualties.

Julie Bork Nellegaard


Design Thinking expert

Julie Bork Nellegaard is Design Thinking expert at Trifork, where she facilitates workshops with clients across different Trifork locations and markets. Julie has a broad experience with Design Thinking applied in digital innovation and business development. Her key role as facilitator is to ensure a user-centred approach end-to-end and to drive the process towards the best solution across business, IT and design.

Watch the webinar here