Uncover the hidden treasures in your data

Meet Young Money and Trifork and learn how they are using real time data-logging to improve their business

About this event

Young Money is a new fintech solution for kids developed in collaboration between SparNord, Nykredit and Arbejdernes Landsbank

At this event you can learn how the FinTech app Young Money and several other fintech applications utilizes an Open Banking Platform, that allow banks to on-board FinTech companies giving them access to +400.000 potential customers.

You will also discover how Young Money is using log-management systems to analyze event history data so they can identify and learn from new patterns like new insights within customer behavior, abnormal usage patterns, potential security breaches etc.

They have been developing their modern log management solution in close collaboration with Trifork.

Join Young Money and Trifork for a webinar on how to leverage event-history data to improve your business development



  • Torsten Terp, Young Money CEO – Introducing YoungMoney and how YoungMoney is using log-management to generate business value
  • Rune Simonsen, Trifork Software Architect – How did Trifork help Young Money getting started on their log-management journey?