More and more organizations have a need for reliable storage solutions. Growing number of data and higher demands for data availability in an always connected world, has pushed for the data solution Riak.

Riak helps applications developers store, manage and secure unstructured data in a fault tolerant, highly available database. When data is written into a Riak cluster, it will be written to multiple nodes so that even if a single node does go down, the data will still be reachable, thereby ensuring the highest possible availability.

Futhermore, Riak can be operationalized at lower costs than traditional relational databases and is easy to manage at scale. It scales up and out allowing operations to add commodity hardware when additional capacity is required. Riak, the progressive data engine is the answer for today’s application and platforms new needs.

NOSQL and Search:What do we offer?

With 20 years of experience in technology and over 5 years’ experience in NoSQL we are able to propose and provide you the best database solution that exactly meets your needs. Understanding your business goals and how to translate them into technology choices, defining your application needs, diagnosing the existing architecture, predicting future requirements and proposing final recommendations – all to deliver the outputs required meeting business targets.

A proof-of-concept provides the possibility to experience the benefits of a technology or multiple technologies prior to final implementation decision. This is effective risk management and cost control.

We review your existing architecture against business targets and deliverables. Recommendations for technology, solution, and platform choices are put forward based on feasibility, risk, and cost considerations and significant real life implementation experiences with what delivers in the short and longer term. Technology analyses and architecture review often involves a short workshop on business goals and current architecture and results in written recommendation on ‘how to’.

NoSQL data modeling requires a deeper understanding of data structures and algorithms than relational database modeling does. Capturing all the possible relationships in a data model can be very time-intensive, but is very important to choose and implement the right NoSQL solution.

Highly skilled, experienced specialists able to provide your organization with the best possible support needed in order to fully leverage the benefits of non-relational databases. We do offer a complete end-to-end set of services to support the full project life cycle: reviewing, recommending, designing, implementing, and supporting.

Train your development and operation teams to effectively develop and maintain your solutions. We deliver world class training’s that meet your needs most efficiently to gain maximum value from key database and search solutions. Our training’s always cover both fundamental insights and hands-on sessions.

To share the knowledge and experience we have scheduled several open Strategy and Tech Talk events – free events on how to link business strategy and goals with a technologies that deliver after launch. Our experts work in the intersection between business and technology strategies and draws on extensive experience from a range of industry implementation projects. If you are interested in the possible ways of transforming your business by utilizing your data effectively – join the open Strategy and Tech Talk or book an in-house Talk to examine the possibilities of connected data.

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Key Features


Model, develop, and visualize the world as you experience it: slice away logical-to-physical friction and the need to wrestle reality into predefined tables.


Neo4j’s native graph engine is engineered to let you navigate hyper-connectivity at speed. Built from the bottom up to support property graphs, Neo4j lets you connect the “dots” easily, and with unparalleled performance and reliability.


Neo4j scales up and out, supporting tens of billions of nodes and relationships, and hundreds of thousands of ACID transactions per second. We believe your data is one of your most valuable assets, and you need be able to trust your database with it.

Languages and Frameworks

Neo4j works with all of the most popular development languages and a wide variety of frameworks. You can use Neo4j’s REST API to execute Cypher, or choose from a variety of language-specific community drivers.

Native Graph Storage

Each piece of data in the graph has an explicit connection to everything it’s related to. This means the database can ignore anything that’s not connected, rather than having to trawl through all of the data in order to determine what is connected. This results in unparalleled speed and scale.

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