Standardised processes for applications.

As businesses get business-critical Mobile First applications to their employees, it can be a challenge to keep track of releases of new firmware such as iOS, new versions of the Fiori SDK and, not least, updates to SAP Cloud Platform for its applications.

Add to this that there may be a need for, or further requests for, function extensions. Therefore, it is difficult to get an overview of what the actual costs are, not just for updates and feature extensions, but also in relation to the total cost of running applications.

Trifork offers you a reliable solution:

Enterprise Application Lifecycle Management. A process that makes it easier to know the Total Cost of Ownership for digital solutions over this can be organized in different ways – for example you could start with a packaged service over a 3-year period.

Our Enterprise Application Lifecycle Management includes everything from monitoring and event management to ensuring that the solution is able to run on latest versions as well as the ability for ongoing feature extensions on the applications users have in their hands every day.


We monitor the solution using 3 areas within proactive monitoring: In-App Analytics, Full Tech Log Monitoring and App KPI & Adoption Monitoring.


Should anything happen, our Service Desk provides full Root Cause Analysis - 24/7/365. In addition, we offer Single Point of Contact in planning the need. This ensures that we can continuously adjust as needed.


We ensure that the apps we've developed work on all relevant devices and work with the latest mobile firmware and the second-latest SAP SDK. We also ensure that our customers are updated regarding options with new relevant technology.


We handle ongoing Change Requests on everything, ranging from minor changes to new features, and collects them in 3-4 releases a year. All in an agile process, to involve the business in prioritising what gives the most value for money.

Advantages of Lifecycle Management

Speed & Flexibility

Speed and flexibility are important factors when it comes to follow developments. The structure of the Enterprise ALM ensures that the tools and processes for the development and maintenance of the apps that are linked across our teams are effective and flexible workflows.

Total Cost of Ownership

Enterprise ALM provides a full overview of all spending by enterprise applications. This gives the company a complete overview of for example purchasing and deployment costs as well as operation, upgrades and maintenance. Furthermore, Enterprise ALM contributes to reduce costs and ensure access to applications' overall performance.


With processes such as version control and real-time planning, our team, in cooperation with you, can map the plans for the relevant app. And the benefits of Enterprise Application Lifecycle Management are only enhanced as the number of apps increases.