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Video Consultations are Here to Stay

During the Covid-19 pandemic, demand for video consultations between citizens and their general practitioners (GPs) surged, primarily to minimize infection risk and offer a safer alternative to in-person meetings.

Besides mitigating infection risk, video collaboration among municipalities, citizens, and general practitioners has maintained its relevance by significantly easing citizens’ access to healthcare—enabling consultations with their GPs without the necessity of a physical clinic visit.

Addressing this need, Trifork, in partnership with PLO, PLSP, Copenhagen Municipality, and MedCom, developed the Contact Doctor App (‘Kontakt Læge’), an advancement of the My Doctor App (‘Min Læge’). This solution, accessible to all Danish municipalities, has been adopted by over one-third of them, underscoring the enduring utility of video meetings in healthcare.

Improving Communication Among Municipalities, GPs, and Citizens in Care

The Contact Doctor App enables health professionals and caretakers in municipalities to assist citizens who are unable to initiate video consultations independently. Such citizens typically reside in nursing homes, receive home care, or live in residential facilities, and may be undergoing rehabilitation or utilizing acute functions/services.

This app, together with the “Virtual Waiting Room” and the “My Doctor App,” offers the possibility for improved communication between citizens and their GPs. It allows for quicker follow-ups and fosters closer collaboration between municipalities and affiliated GPs, including those serving in nursing homes or residential facilities, via video conferencing.

Additionally, GPs have the option to send a video link to the municipality or citizen directly from the doctor’s Virtual Waiting Room. This method not only conserves resources but also allocates more time for care.

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Achieving Efficiency Through Collaboration

In addition to strong collaboration with PLO and Copenhagen Municipality, three suppliers have contributed to the solution:

  • PLSP developed the back-end.
  • Trifork developed the front-end of the Virtual Waiting Room, as well as the two apps: My Doctor and Contact Doctor.
  • Trifork also developed the authentication solution for the Virtual Waiting Room, which is incorporated into the My Doctor App.
  • MedCom provides VDX video conferencing for the solution.

Before a municipality and its employees can use the app, the municipality’s IT department must complete a technical setup, including access through the Kombit Context access control system.

The Contact Doctor App can be downloaded to iPads/tablets and phones from the App Store for iOS or Google Play Store for Android, or it can be pushed to municipal employees by the municipality.


Kontakt Læge

Empowering Healthcare Access

The Contact Doctor app enables municipalities to facilitate video consultations between citizens in care and their respective doctor or specialist, ensuring equal access to healthcare for all – whether residing at home or in a care facility.

Simultaneously, GPs can conduct video consultations with, for instance, nursing homes or residential homes, sparing citizens a potentially strenuous journey to see their doctor in person. It is vital to assess whether a physical or online consultation is suitable for each individual situation when utilizing this solution.

Trifork develops the solution, while Medcom, the project owner, provides consultation support for its implementation in municipalities.

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