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Nedgia is the leading gas distributor in Spain and part of the Naturgy group, playing a vital role in ensuring that natural gas reaches millions of users across the country. Their former contract allocation system for suppliers required manual data extraction from different sources (among others SAP database) in order to request and approve allocation updates of their outline agreement. Not only was this time-consuming and inefficient, but error prone.

Dissecting the challenges within Nedgia’s SAP Processes

Facing these significant challenges in managing its SAP outline agreements, not only slowed down operations but also posed risks related to compliance and efficiency. Specific challenges included:

  • Complex System Navigation: Current process requires user to navigate through different SAP transactions for data gathering and outline agreement updating
  • Compromised Departmental Separation: The existing processes blurred the lines of departmental duties, leading to potential overlaps and inefficiencies.
  • Labor-Intensive Management: Identifying which contracts required urgent attention was a manual and resource-intensive task.
  • Inefficient Communication: Reduce the number of communication channels between different departments (email, phone,…).

Crafting a Future-Proof Solution

Understanding the complexity and multifaceted nature of Nedgia’s problems, Trifork proposed a holistic approach focused on simplification, automation, and future readiness. Our strategy was to streamline access to information and processes without compromising the existing operational structure and compliance standards. By deploying a side-by-side extension with SAP’s Business Technology Platform, we could integrate enhanced functionalities while keeping the core S/4 system intact. This approach aimed to centralize data access, automate workflow adjustments, and foster an intuitive, user-friendly environment that could evolve with Nedgia’s future needs.

The Impact of Enhanced SAP Management

The new SAP management system delivered remarkable outcomes:

  • The time required to manage outline agreements was drastically reduced, freeing up staff to focus on more strategic tasks.
  • BPA: Automated workflow allowing Nedgia to adapt WF without Trifork intervention.
  • Future ready development
  • Intuitive and responsive User Experience (UX) via React
  • End-to-end contract adjustment within seconds
  • Open the door for further enhancements & automations (i.e., automatic adjustment proposal)

Our solution for Nedgia exemplifies our commitment to driving innovation that meets the unique needs of our clients. By understanding the intricacies of Nedgia’s challenges and designing a bespoke solution, we were able to transform their SAP management processes, demonstrating the power of technology in simplifying complex operations and paving the way for future advancements.

“Trifork has demonstrated having an efficient and versatile team, with experience in application development and deployment. In a record time of 2 weeks, they were able to develop and deploy an application on SAP BTP thanks to their expertise in both BTP and S/4 HANA, automating a process that for Nedgia was manual and of little added value.”

Stefano Passaro

IT Project Manager at Nedgia (Naturgy Group)

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