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University of Amsterdam

Although all of the websites that Trifork builds are made to function correctly on mobile devices (responsive design), in some cases Trifork recommends building a specific mobile version of a website.

Especially when the opportunity occurs to offer mobile visitors a different user experience, tailoring the site to their specific needs (like geo-location support, offline mode). In these cases, Trifork typically designs and builds a mobile website from scratch, by rethinking the application from a mobile users’ perspective. Obviously where possible Trifork will always try to use the existing concepts, tools and infrastructure as a starting point.

For the University of Amsterdam (UvA), Trifork has built a mobile website: Vakaanmelden. The aim of the project is a web application that allows UvA students to enrol in course activities (classes, practical assignments, exams, etc.) and to drop them again

This involves three main features:

  1. Searching for courses
  2. Adding found courses to a private planner
  3. Enrolling in activities belonging to courses in your planner and potentially dropping them again in time.

Business Development Manager

Bert Boerland