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Your idea looks like crap

The outside is only one part of a bigger truth – we explore the inside to make things – well, just right!
Look to the inside of things for succes

Look around you, streamlined and groomed products everywhere. How the hell did they get so well-rounded, polished and just right, and more importantly – why do you have them, let alone use them? And what about the disbelief, when you compare those products to the half-backed conception of an idea you have in your head?

Answer is, someone took their time understanding what a given idea means, to themselves, to others and its surroundings. They did the work to have the all-important insights of how this idea might affect people’s lives, and in turn what triggers the desirability of the idea making consumers want a piece of it.

Synthezis is a road through the chaotic nature of the real world.

Gather your senses

Over time the global hivemind of design thinkers have looked for ways to effectively turn ideas into successful products (innovation), navigating the initial chaotic nature of open-ended questions to arrive at the synthesized and streamlined process where you’re suddenly ahead of the market, knowing how ideas and products will be received by users and consumers.

This process and way of thinking is coined Design Thinking and starts of by understanding people on an empathic level – how and why they go about their daily lives the way they do, and how that translates into potential futures with the value of your ideas incorporated. Gone are the days with the solitary focus on business value as the primary lever, whether it being value through new experiences, pain relief, security etc., exchanged for a view which encompasses and understands how ideas and products co-exists within the lives of living breathing people and fits with their hopes and dreams. In short, design thinking is user-centered innovation of products and services whos value and desirability is designed for coherence with the lives of actual people.

 This is what we do here at Trifork DesignLabs. Nothing more, nothing less! 

We have operationalised this methodology into 5 steps.

  • #1 Understand

    We begin our design process by understanding the domain, the users and the problem we want to solve.

  • #2 Define

    We work with our insights, structure them, and define opportunities to create meaningful solutions.

  • #3 Create

    We visualize ideas as flows and prototypes to get a realistic representation of possible solutions.

  • #4 Ideate

    We come up with and map ideas on solving the defined problems and choose the most promising ideas.

  • #5 Validate

    We test our solutions with users and make sure that they solve the identified problems in a solution that is desirable for the users.

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