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Vestas One Field Service

400.000 hours. This is what Vestas is saving globally each year as a result of four new, user-centric mobile applications developed by Trifork Smart Enterprise. Vestas has transformed field service by delivering real time SAP data straight into the hands of their technicians – using Trifork Smart Enterprise as their digital transformation partner.

By means of an in-depth Design Thinking process facilitated by Trifork Smart Enterprise, Vestas have identified and consolidated the essential functions of 40+ IT-systems into a coherent and efficient portfolio of mobile apps – perfectly tailored to meet the needs and wants of the 10.000 global field service technicians in Vestas.

The case in numbers

Transforming the enterprise

With 80.000 wind turbines located across the globe, Vestas employ around 10.000 field service technicians to ensure proper service and maintenance of the turbines. Vestas and Trifork Smart Enterprise have tied together the tasks associated with monitoring, servicing and repairing thousands of turbines all over the world in one, digital platform: One Field Service.

Made to work

The One Field Service mobile applications deliver seamless and high performing SAP integration with full offline capabilities to support smooth and efficient workflows for technicians servicing vast areas with spotty network coverage all over the world.

The intuitive user interface and appealing Apple tech makes a compelling argument for adoption amongst users of different ages and backgrounds. The applications are developed with these users as front and center, and Vestas has thereby succeeded in reducing training costs and idle time due to inefficient or incomprehensible IT-systems.

The One Field Service solution is a suite of native iOS apps that run on the SAP Cloud Platform with native SDK’s. The new mobility platform is based on SAP Plant Maintenance og Customer Service (”SAP PM/CS”).

1/4 My Tasks

This native application grants frictionless access to SAP maintenance orders. It allows Vestas’ field service technicians an instant overview of the tasks ahead of them.

As the workday progresses, the field service technicians are able to document the tasks they have completed, register the materials used in relation to a specific task, create maintenance notification, tools applied and much more.

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2/4 My Time

With this application, Vestas field service technicians are able to register time spent on specific maintenance orders as well as time spent in general, like vacation time, sick days or internal tasks.

The app also supports the sharing of time registrations and thereby eliminating the need for inputting several identical time registrations on a single project. When one field service technician enters a time registration, the other members of the team will be prompted to add this registration to their time sheet as well – either by approving of editing the input shared by their colleague.

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”It is all about having the right people and building trust to explore and deliver smart solutions with rapid adoption of thousands of users across the globe. Our partnership with Trifork is essential for our ability to deliver user-centric solutions, they act as an integral part of our team from early engagement hunting down new opportunities to automating operations and recording user stories. Together we promote a more exploratory culture across Vestas and delivers on our promise of rapid return on capital invested, sound easy but scares on our back tells us it takes determination too.”


VP, Global IT, Vestas

3/4 Parts & Tools

With this application, field service technicians can keep their service cars fully stocked with materials and supplies at all times, enabling them to solve their daily tasks without having to make unplanned supply runs to the central warehouse.

The application offers a complete and transparent overview of SAP processes, e.g. transportation of supplies from the central warehouse to service cars, receipt of supplies, list of shipments in process and the return of defective materials for destruction or repair. The application also enables handling of special tools that require calibration within a certain time frame.

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4/4 Turbine Info

An essential part of Vestas’ business is keeping their turbines running smoothly all around the clock. The Turbine Info application provides information, status and historical data for selected turbines, like temperature, productivity, speed etc.

Field service technicians will also be able to see current and past alarms along with a full overview of past maintenance orders from SAP incl. tasks done and materials used. This application is particularly useful when monitoring the turbines on weekends and holidays, as it provides easier access to identifying errors.

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Results in Numbers

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