Accelerating Digital Health to Improve Everyday Life

As both society and companies target an improved, coherent and effective healthcare system,

  • we require coherent digital solutions and a common digital infrastructure
  • we need to connect all the different IT systems to enable data sharing across sectors for optimal precision and efficiency

Dawn Health is ready to take the next step

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Trifork played a key role in the electronic transformation that has taken place in Scandinavian hospitals and in the public sector. It’s now time for a new transformation that embraces a broad variety of stakeholders including both the public and the private healthcare sector.

To address this, Trifork established a company of digital health specialists, focusing entirely on creating life-changing solutions for the private sector: Dawn Health.

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Jesper Grankær Carøe


Karen Skjerbæk Jørgensen

Denmark - Public Sector

Daniel Gewecke Daugaard-Jensen

Denmark - Private Sector